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BIg-punch standard:

This is Big Robots Standard grip style. Put your index fingers through the triggers, and get a good solid grip around the controller. When it works, it works! Wham!

The Chicken Wing:

Harness the awesomeness of the fighting chicken! This fighting style takes some mastering, but you can always wing it!  Just press the controllers against your body and start flapping your elbows! Ba’kaw!

Boxing gloves:

If the controllers are too big for your hands, just add some padding! Some of the world’s best fighters have been known to stuff their grips with paper towels, foam, and even cotton balls! Perfect for the scrappiest boxers!

t-rex grip:

Let’s say you want to improve your fighting style, and you’re the carnivorous king of the dinosaurs. Then the T-Rex grip is perfect for your little arms. Hold the controller from the top, with your middle fingers laced around the trigger. You may not have a great reach, but you’re sure to have the bite!